Battlelords at DragonCon

I will be running a game of Battlelords of the 23rd Century by SSDC at DragonCon on September 2nd at 1pm. As of this writing there are 4 spaces left, you can find it at DragonCon Gaming, called Operation JUMPROPE. As part of getting ready, I have created a little tool based on the fabulous Dungeon Master’s Familiar (found at the DMsGuild) by Charles Benscoter. Here are Open Office (Battle Masters CombatReadout) and PDF (Battle Masters CombatReadout)┬áversions of the document.

Also, the podcast continues. We’re just having a lot of scheduling issues. We’ve run two games of Conan that will get posted after the Shattered Man wraps up, hopefully soon. After the Conan game gets posted, we’ll start Trail of Cthulhu Sleepers in the Dunes.

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